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Tim’s It Forward: Gift Your Loved Ones From Tim’s Rewards

Tim’s It Forward: Gift Your Loved Ones From Tim’s Rewards

We live in a fast-paced world where it’s hard to find a spare minute to spend with the people who matter. Hence every little action of love matters a lot like treating your loved one with Tim Hortons’s heartfelt initiative, Tim’s It Forward.

A simple and lovely idea, Tim’s It Forward, enables customers to buy a coffee or lunch for the person in the queue after them or anybody else they wish. It’s all about spreading a little compassion and brightening someone’s day.

Before gifting your friends and family, visit the website after dining at the Timmies restaurant and take their customer voice survey.

So if you decide to purchase the individual behind you a coffee when you are at your neighborhood Tim Hortons, you’ll guarantee a smile on a stranger’s face, and who knows, that stranger might spread the act of kindness and continue the chain of spreading smile.

How Does Tim’s It Forward Work?

  1. Gain points by scanning your registered physical Tims Rewards card or smartphone app at your neighborhood Tim Hortons. You can register for Tims Rewards on the app or at if you are not already a member.
  1. Select the Tims It Forward tile when you log into your account on the website or mobile app or tap on “More” and choose Tims It Forward.
  1. Choose the gift’s category and the friend or family member’s email address to whom you wish to send it. Additionally, you can include a unique note to be sent with the gift!

Your deed of compassion starts a domino effect. If someone appreciates your kindness, they might opt to extend it to someone else, which would spread goodwill.

How to Redeem a Gift? 

  1. First, click “Accept My Gift” in your gift email after opening it. The gift will be added to your offers tray and available for activation and usage once you are redirected to the Tim Hortons mobile app.
  1. You can download the app and register if you are new to Tims Rewards and do not yet have an account. You must return to your gift email after your account has been successfully created in order to accept the gift.
  1. When you place an order, your gift will then be made accessible on your app or website and ready to be used.

If you prefer not to download the app and sign up for Tims Rewards, you may also redeem your gift by clicking the link in the email that came with it. This will create a one-time barcode that you can scan inside the restaurant to utilize the gift.

Vision Behind Tim’s It Forward

Tim’s It Forward creates a sense of community in a world where people frequently feel alone. It serves as a reminder that we are part of a wider community where even small deeds of kindness can have a significant impact.

It understands how a small act of kindness can make someone’s day better. You may make someone smile and have a positive impact on their day by buying them coffee or a meal.

Tim’s It Forward promotes generosity by urging others to give more.

When someone receives kindness firsthand, they are more willing to extend it to others, starting a lovely cycle of kindness.


Is there a charge or payment associated with taking part in Tim’s It Forward?

Tim’s It Forward participants are not subject to any additional fees or charges. Make the payment for the order you’ve chosen to cover.

Can I take part in Tim’s It Forward anywhere there is a Tim Hortons?

You can take part in Tim’s It Forward at any Tim Hortons location in Canada. It is a nationwide campaign.

Is Tim’s It Forward restricted to coffee purchases only?

No, whether you order a coffee, lunch, or snack from Tim Hortons, you may take part in Tim’s It Forward.

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