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Top Coffee Chain Restaurants in Canada

Top Coffee Chain Restaurants in Canada

Canada is known for their body-shivering winters, which make Canadians long for coffee day in and day out. Coffee shops are abundant in Canada, so it makes sense for people to visit them regularly and catch up with others.

The coffee chain restaurants are known for their amazingly brewed coffee, food, and much more.

Here, we have picked out the top coffee chain restaurants in Canada:

Tim Hortons

With more than 4200 restaurants in Canada, Tim Horton is the largest coffee chain restaurant in the country. Tims serves brewed coffee and various food items like doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches, baked items, etc.

Aside from being the go-to coffee restaurant for all Canadians, people also love to visit Tim Hortons for their famous bagels.

One of their strongest suits is the policies that they stick to. The most popular is the ‘always fresh’ policy, where they serve coffee within 20 minutes of brewing.


This coffee chain restaurant has more than 900 shops in Canada. Starbucks is also the world’s largest coffeehouse chain.

Starbucks is known for its hot and cold beverages, whole-bean coffee, teas, snacks, and other delicious food items. Some of their menu items are seasonal, which sets them apart from the crowd, as well as their variety.

What Canadians enjoy about Starbucks is its merchandise, like mugs, cups, scoops, coffee beans, and so on. Some locations in Canada also offer beer, wine, and appetizers.

Country Style

Canada has about 400 Country Style shops. This coffee chain started in Richmond Hill in 1963. It serves oatmeal, soup, salads, excellent brewed coffee and sandwiches.

The Tim’s restaurant chain can be primarily found in non-traditional locations like gas stations, convenience stores, and movie theatres. According to the statistics, more than 70% of total purchases made by their customers in 2021 were coffee, which is enough evidence for them to be the second largest coffee chain in the headquarters.

Second Cup

This Canadian coffee chain has over 190 shops in the country. From selling hot and cold beverages to pre-packaged food items and desserts, the menu of Second Cup Cafe is diverse.

It also sells merchandise in the form of drinkware like mugs and tumblers. They produce their coffee beans using two organic methods. The first is the sun drying of cherries, removing the outside layers, while the other is where the coffee cherry seeds are squished out from the skin.

It explains why this chain has gained such significance in the hearts of Canadians.

Timothy’s World Coffee

Founded in 1975 in Ontario, this Canadian coffee chain restaurant is known for producing its coffee beans, while roasting and making different ranges of coffee beans in its plant.

This is why this coffee chain offers a freshness guarantee and other quality policies to back its coffee business game.

As of 2023, Timothy’s has about 40 Canadian restaurants. The chain also manages a wholesale coffee business and packages coffee for Keurig brewers.

Final Thoughts

Coffee restaurants have a substantial market in Canada. People love exploring them and their menus. If we talk about the top coffee chain restaurant in Canada, it has to be Tim Hortons. These chains stand the test of time, from unique locations to freshly brewed coffee.

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